Skokie Girls

Chicago bred duo Ronna and Geri met in the post-punk scene of Chicago where both girls were established local industry fixtures playing the scene. Their Chicago network was expansive, but eventually they found the “boys club” too constricting, so they relocated to California where they solidified their musical sisterhood.

Both Ronna and Geri found homes in the LA music scene. Ronna played bass for “Pay the Man” released on Dave Allen’s (Gang of Four) label World Domination and bass for GRRRL Band “Ms. 45” – who among other great bills did a tour with the Godfather of punk Iggy Pop. Geri kicked around the funk and acid jazz scene working with members of P Funk and Fishbone before founding trip-hop group Supreme Beings of Leisure and signing to Chris Blackwell’s post Island label Palm Pictures.

After years of entertaining the idea of doing something together, the musical stars finally aligned for these two friends. In the spirit of Skokie Illinois as a haven for immigrants and it’s stronghold against neo fascists, Skokie Girls blend together a wide range of influences from punk to funk to new wave to reggae to disco creating a sound that’s equal parts old school and new school.